Unedo Experience

Enjoy your most special moments at Unedo.

Unedo Experience

Enjoy your most special moments at Unedo.


“I can only eat one” because one alone is enough. Pliny’s phrase, which reaches us through the scientific name of the strawberry tree (arbutus unedo), testifies to the value of the tree – which dominates the landscape of Pieria – and its fruit. Honey, jam, spoon sweets, and even tsipouro drink. This evergreen gift of nature to the region gives the visitor generously everything it has. Just like Unedo in terms of services and experiences…


Koumaro is Unedo‚Äôs small, gastronomic alter ego, ready to welcome both the resort’s guests and the public (for which reservations are required). Its space wins over visitors in winter with its warmth, in summer with its open-air panoramic views, and all year round with its dishes. Flavor and nature meet, with a view that ranges from the mountain of the gods to the Aegean Sea.


This is our open fireplace: a welcoming space every season – from the cold winter days to the summer evenings when the mountain air makes them a little cooler. A place where stories are passed from mouth to mouth around the fire, and the moments of relaxation and enjoyment we experience turn into stories to be shared in the future – whether we will do it in front of a fireplace or not…


The Pierian countryside is ideal for all hiking or running enthusiasts. But sport – especially when it is part of our everyday life – is something we don’t want to leave behind, even during our holidays. Relaxation may be at the heart of Unedo’s philosophy, but we have also taken care of your workout by including an equipped mini gym in our facilities.

Cheers to Unedo

Our cellar is our twelfth room. Welcoming, discreet, and dedicated to taste and enjoyment, it is the ideal place for wine moments – from wine tastings to private wine dinners. And when accompanied by good company and good food, it is truly a joy to the heart…

Events in Unedo boutique hotel

What can make an event stand out? The excellent organization and service, the menu choices, and of course, the venue. At Unedo, we have all three. Our well-kept outdoor space with its exceptional views is available to host the celebration of your special event – a wedding reception, a christening, or graduation. We will gladly assist with all the details – and leave all the arrangements to us.