Activities & Sightseeing

Pieria is a place that hosts all kinds of activities throughout the year.

Activities & Sightseeing

Pieria is a place that hosts all kinds of activities throughout the year.


From the almost ever-white, highest peak of the country to the waves of the Aegean coast, a range of activities – related to nature, culture, history, taste, sport, and wellness – are available for the visitor. Ask us anything that interests you, and we will happily suggest the best proposals.

Palios Panteleimonas

Grey, imposing, and austere in appearance, but at the same time so warm and humane. In Palaios Panteleimonas, the stones converse with each other – and the settlement grows. The rocky mass of the slopes of Mount Olympus was “dressed” at the end of the 14th century thanks to the craftsmen of Epirus, the same ones who gave us the traditional villages of Pelion and Zagorochoria. Wander through its streets, choose local products, and indulge in the magic of local flavors.


More has been written about the term of the gods than one can read in a lifetime. Its 2,917 meters of captivating presence have been captured in millions of photographs from every angle. And yet, all those words and snapshots cannot compare to what a visitor feels when they see it up close – the first time and every time. Mytikas, the National Park, the mountain huts, the gorge of Enipeas, and the Monastery of Agios Dionysios. All special, and all here!

Castle of Platamonas

Passing from Thessaly to Macedonia, leaving behind Tempi, the traveler finds a rocky outcrop on his right hand that penetrates the blue Aegean Sea. The place is Platamonas (‘rocky edges on the sea’), where the homonymous medieval castle of the same name dominates. Built in a strategic position, it is uniquely preserved despite battles and raids: Franks, Byzantines, Venetians, Venetians, Ottomans, and even New Zealanders and Germans have passed through here. Today, as peaceful as ever, it hosts part of the events of the summer Olympus Festival.


For every visitor who chooses Pieria for their summer holidays, its beaches are another incentive, thanks to their beauty and crystal clear waters. The closest beach to Unedo is Panteleimonas Beach, a combination of greenery and sand in the shadow of the Castle of Platamonas, with poplars and plane trees almost reaching the sea. A little further on, Platamonas Beach, with its fine pebbles, dense vegetation, and views of the Aegean Sea, is an ideal destination for families. Finally, just before the straits of Tempi, the sandy beach of Neoi Poroi stretches for such a length that despite the many beach bars, cafes, and tavernas, it also has more discreet spots.

Monastery of Saint Dionysius

A religious and historical landmark for the area. The old Holy Monastery of Saint Dionysius of Olympus is located in the gorge of Enipeas. With five centuries of history – founded by the saint himself in 1542 – it was not only a place of worship but also a focal point for the locals against the conquerors of the region –
from the Ottomans to the Germans. In its northwestern chapel is the saint’s tomb. The new monastery – located between the original and Litochoro – has operated since 1950. Here, documents of great value and many Holy Relics are kept, which can be revered by the visitor. The monks are engaged in iconography, cheese-making, beekeeping, carpentry, etc.


Here once beat the religious heart of the Macedonian kingdom. As its name suggests, this sacred city was dedicated to Dias or Zeus, the father of gods and men. Here, Alexander the Great invoked his help before launching his campaign in Asia. This same site covers an area of 1,500 hectares and is today designated as an archaeological park, with its priceless finds kept 500 meters away in the local Archaeological Museum.

Wine tourism

When the myth wants Dionysus to reside a few kilometers away -on the slopes of Mount Olympus- it is logical that his spirit is omnipresent in the area. The wine heritage of Pieria has roots that go back to the kingdom of the ancient Macedonians. Roots that were grafted on with the arrival of refugees a century ago, who carried with them knowledge and experience. With cultures adapted to the microclimate of each region, the wineries of the area that can be visited share with the visitor the history and taste of their wines.


Paragliding in Pieria offers the ultimate combination: a good dose of adrenaline, an unparalleled sense of freedom, and an unforgettable view of one of the most beautiful landscapes in the country. The runway is located at the church of Prophet Elias in Palaios Panteleimonas. At the same time, the route offers you a unique view of the Castle of Platamonas, the slopes of Mount Olympus, the surrounding traditional settlements, and the endless Aegean coastline.


Since the days of the Etairoi, the elite corps of heavy cavalry of the Macedonian army from the time of Philip II, horse and man have had a special relationship in the land of Pieria. The equestrian clubs that operate today are a continuation of this tradition. Their venues are organized farms that offer unforgettable moments of training, sport, and even therapy – for people with movement, speech, developmental or behavioral difficulties.

At Unedo, serenity is a given

Unedo hotel is located at the entrance of the village of Palaios Panteleimonas, offering eleven rooms and suites in a privileged location in many respects. The unobstructed panoramic view, the discretion and tranquility compared to the bustle of the village, and the ease of access and parking all help you to think only of what you need: the moments of relaxation you will enjoy during your stay in this all-season resort.